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Download Version 743

for NONMEM 7.2, 7.3, 7.4

Download Version 720


Download Version 703


Download Version 616 


Download Version 411



Download Instructions

The download file is named wfnNnn.exe. The "N" is the major version and the "nn" is the minor version number. It is an executable zip archive file.  The default directory for wfn7 is to extract the files into is C:\nm730\wfn7.  You may choose a different home directory instead of C:\nm730\wfn7 when you execute wfnNnn.exe.  Please read Installation instructions carefully. The instructions include information on uninstalling wfn.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version you may re-install by overwriting your previous installation. Simply run wfnNnn.exe and unzip the files into the %wfnhome% directory that you are already using. Note that this will not change %wfnhome%\bin\wfn.bat  which you may have modified during your original installation. You do not need to uninstall wfn.
Sometimes an upgrade will involve a change to wfn.bat  (known as wfnauto.bat prior to version 400) and this will be indicated in the
version notes. If you are upgrading and if your currently installed version is older than the last version (700) that required a change to wfn.bat  then you must create (or re-create) wfn.bat . In this case you should make a new wfn.bat by modifying %wfnhome%\bin\wfn.txt as necessary (see Installation ) and saving it as %wfnhome%\bin\wfn.bat

Please email to receive notification of future updates to WFN.

Version Notes

19 Aug 2017 Version 743

bin\vpc files included in distribution.

A change is required to wfn.bat to complete the installation of this version.

See notes below for version 742.


4 May 2017 Version 742

A change is required to wfn.bat to complete the installation of this version.

Version compatible with NONMEM 7.4, NONMEM 7.3 and NONMEM Version 7.2.

The NMVERMIN environment variable must be set in wfn.bat (after the NMVER variable) to reflect the minor version number e.g.

For NONMEM 7.4:

set NMVER=7

For NONMEM 7.3:

set NMVER=7

For NONMEM 7.2:

set NMVER=7

nmbs now recognizes when NONMEM output listing file is not created and gives a more helpful error message.

Bug fix for VPC to display observation scatterplots.


29 August 2015 Version 741

Updated nmobj, nmmbt, nmretbl to allow result folder name to be different from result folder NONMEM output listing file name.

nmgrid web changed to describe nmwaitonly.

27 August 2015 Version 740

Bug fix to show standard errors for ETA estimates.

13 July 2015 Version 739

Bug fix to show standard errors when there are no ETA or EPS estimates.

Bug fix for nmbsi which hung because lock file was not deleted.

Bug fix for nmbs when used with fixed width data file format.

26 April 2015 Version 738

Bug fix for summary output displayed at end of run and stored in .smr file when results do not include standard errors.

Bug fix for nmobj when results folder does not contain .smy file.

15 March 2015 Version 737

The results folder .smy file includes ETA P values and ETA and EPS shrinkage. The .smr file displays EPS correlations.

nmstopg will cancel all jobs started by rjm_batch_submit using the *localdirs.txt files to identify submitted jobs.

Bug fixed when paths contain blanks (nmcmd)

26 October 2014 Version 736

Grid runs no longer return data file to run directory.

Bug fix for run results directory when using nmgog (renamed to remove *cmd1.*).

Bug fix in mlxmbt to use output list file when results created using mlxgo

4 October 2014 Version 735

Corrections to documentation describing WFN output from a NONMEM run.

Bug fix in VPC.R to remove observations less than LLOQ

20 September 2014 Version 734

Support for rjm_tools for grid execution.

Bug fix for nmbs.bat to stop hanging when cmds not set or cmds=1.

18 March 2014 Version 733

Support for Monolix 4.3.0 instead of Monolix 4.2.2.

Bug fix so that the usual results folder files are included when using nmgog  and mlxgog are used instead of just .smy and .log files. The data file used for the model is also included in the results folder after these kind of grid runs.

Bug fix for bootstrap summary files so that header line is created even if bootstrap has not been run with 1st replication.

06 March 2014 Version 732

Support for remote job management tools to allow running jobs on the NeSI PAN cluster. See NESI grid installation instructions.

Bug fix to allow Monolix standard errors to appear in .smy

Bug fix to allow nmgosimg execution of NONMEM to simulate data and wait until finished before starting Monolix estimation.

8 December 2013 Version 731

A change is required to wfn.bat to complete the installation of this version.

Version compatible with NONMEM 7.3.0 and NONMEM Version 7.2.

The NMVERMIN environment variable should be set in wfn.bat after the NMVER variable to reflect the minor version number e.g.

For NONMEM 7.3:

set NMVER=7

For NONMEM 7.2:

set NMVER=7

If the environment variable nmraw is set (e.g. set nmraw=n) then if a nmbs.cov file is created during a nmbs or nmbsgosim run it will be saved in nmbsall.cov in the results directory. The nmbs.cov file is only created if the covariance step is successful. The nmbsall.cov file records if the covariance step failed and collects nmbs.cov if it was successful.

If the –prdefault option is not used then a common directory is created for recompiled modules which is shared by all models (this mimics the default behavior of standard NONMEM). A user specified directory for recompiled modules may be defined by setting the nmpdir environment variable e.g. set nmpdir=temp.dir.

The –mapall option has been added to the MPI pnm files. This allows Windows network drives to be used as the data source drive when using the MPI parallel method.

Because of internal errors within NONMEM it may not be possible to simulate with more than 1 subproblem. When using nmgosim to perform a parametric bootstrap the default is to request NONMEM to simulate the required number of replications using a data file representing one replication. Setting the NSUBPROBLEM environment variable to 1 will set the $SIMULATION option NSUB to the value of NSUBPROBLEM instead of the number or replications. The user should supply a data file containing the required number of replications.

The runname.ext file created by NM7.2 and later is no longer deleted at the end of a run.

Visual predictive checks may be created using nmvpc.bat and any version of NONMEM or WFN. The R statistical programming system must be installed in order to create VPCs. See the VPC instructions.

Parallelised thread execution has been simplified. The separate mpi parafiles provided with WFN720 are no longer needed. The environment variable cpus should be set to the desired number of parallel execution nodes e.g. to use 4 nodes when running nmgo:

set cpus=4

nmgo theopd

Note that the number of cpus assumes they are available on the same host.

Parallelised command execution has been added. This is more efficient than parallelized thread execution with WFN commands that have multiple calls to NONMEM e.g. nmbs, nmgosim. nmrt. The environment variable cmds should be set to the desired number of parallel commands e.g. to use 4 commands when running nmbs:

set cmds=4

nmbs theopd 1 100

The number of bootstrap runs will be divided among each of the parallel commands. Parallelised thread and parallelised command execution maybe combined. There should be at least as many nodes as cmds*cpus for this to be time efficient e.g. on a cluster with at least 400 nodes this following commands will execute 100 bootstrap runs in parallel with each run performing one bootstrap with 4 parallelised thread nodes. Depending on the cluster overhead this can complete the bootstrap runs in not much more time than it takes to perform one run.


set cmds=100

set cpus=4

nmbs theopd 1 100

Support for $THETAI and $THETAR records allowing reference to THETA parameters by name.

Support for Monolix command line execution with non-parametric and parametric bootstrap. See Using Monolix for instructions.

Support for NESI grid submission. See NESI grid installation instructions.


01 June 2011 Version 720

This version is for use only with NONMEM 7.2. It does not work with NONMEM 7.1.

NONMEM 7.2 has a number of optional arguments to the nmfe72.bat command e.g.

nmfe72 infile outfile [-background] [-PARAFILE=file.pnm] [-licfile=filename] [-prsame] [-prdefault] [-prcompile] [-trskip] [-rundir=dirname][-runpdir=dirname] [-nmexec=filename] [-xmloff]

The wfn7 commands for executing NONMEM remain simple with just one argument (the runname) e.g.

nmgo runname

Optional arguments for NONMEM 7.2 should be specified in an environment variable called ARGS7 e.g.

set ARGS7=-prdefault

The –prdefault value will restore the usual behavior of previous versions of NONMEM and skip the dynamic resizing process (which may add a substantial overhead to total runtimes). It is suggested that this command be added at the start of the wfn.bat file (see wfn.txt). The ARGS7 variable can be changed at any time before running wfn7 commands that execute NONMEM (e.g. nmgo, nmbs, nmgosim).

Both file (fpi) and message passing interfaces (mpi) have been tested with wfn7. The parafiles (wfn_fpi2.pnm, wfn_mpi2.pnm, wfn_fpi8.pnm, wfn_mpi8.pnm) in the %wfnhome%\run folder may be used as templates.

Set the ARGS7 variable to the parafile name before running NONMEM e.g. if you have a two core computer with MPICH2 installed enter these commands:

set ARGS7=”-parafile=wfn_mp2.pnm”

nmgo theopd

Note that the quotation marks around the parafile argument are required. The parafile must be put in the same folder as the run control stream file used by WFN. Do not use the –nmexec option because WFN uses that to create a NONMEM executable using the runname. See Installation for examples of testing fpi and mpi methods.

Other Changes

Formatting of nmobj command no longer attempts to show results when run folder does not contain a .smy file.

nmbs command now allows runnames with %NMCTL% extension e.g. nmbs theopd.ctl 1 1000 or nmbs theopd 1 1000 are equivalent

Bug in nminstall.bat for installing updates has been fixed. The installation destination directory is created if it does not already exist.

20 June 2010 Version 703

This version is for NONMEM 7.1. It does not work with NONMEM 7.2.

The wfn7 nmbs command now reports the results from all estimation methods used for a given problem instead of just the first estimation method.

The nminstall command has been changed to support the NONMEM version update process. The revised nminstall.txt should be used to create an updated nminstall.bat file in the wfn7 directory.

A bug in adding EPS estimates to the *.smr file when there is more than 1 sub-problem has been fixed. A bug when a comment followed $OMEGA in forming the header line for the *.smr file has been fixed.

A bug has been fixed (again) for reporting the estimation method. Version 702 reported FOCE when it should have been FOCEI. A bug in the nmretbl command introduced in version 701 has been fixed.

14 February 2010 Version 702/616

Users of Monolix can create a model building table from Monolix projects with the mlxmbt command. The format of the output is the same as that used with the nmmbt command.  Note: When Monolix is asked to compute the log likelihood it adds a constant term equal to Obs*ln(2*pi) that is not added by NONMEM. The Monolix derived “Obj” value reported by the mlxmbt command can be converted to the equivalent value computed by NONMEM by subtracting Obs*ln(2*pi) from the Monolix value. Unfortunately Monolix does not save the number of observations (Obs) so this cannot currently be done automatically by mlxmbt.

WFN Version 702 and 616 have an improved model building summary table format. The nmmbt.txt file sequence of column headings is more likely to be presented in a useful format when multiple runs are combined.

The WFN extended control stream format supports the use of $OMEGA parameter names when MU referencing is used. When the MU index is the same as the corresponding ETA used for that MU then MU referencing can be coded without counting ETA values e.g.


$OMEGA 0.5 ; PPV_CL [this corresponds to eta(1)]





Can be written:




Note: the use of parameter names for MU referencing is optional. If you use the $OMEGA parameter name then WFN will replace it with a suitable numeric value for NM-TRAN to process otherwise the code will not be changed by WFN.

A bug has been fixed for reporting the estimation method. Version 701 reported FOCE when it should have been FOCEI.

20 September 2009 Version 701/615

WFN Version 701 has had several changes to enable it to work with the first release of NONMEM 7. It supports simple switching between different sized versions of NONMEM. The first release of NONMEM 7 offers a regular size (‘reg’) and a big size (‘big’). WFN supports switching to custom sized NONMEM installations.

Support is provided for NONMEM installations created with Intel Visual Fortran (‘ivf’), gfortran (‘gf’) and g95 (‘g95’) compilers. Limited benchmarking indicates that the ivf compiler is faster than gf. The g95 compiler is much slower than ivf. The results from all 3 compilers appear to be identical.

WFN Version 615 formats NONMEM VI output in the same way as NONMEM 7 i.e. estimation method and time information are included in the runname.smy and nmmbt.txt files.

A bug affecting the use of the INCLUDE abbreviated code record has been fixed in Versions 701 and 615.

1 June 2009 Version 700/614

Version 700 is designed to work with NONMEM 7. Changes have been made to cope with modifications to the NONMEM 7 output listing.

Note that this version has been modified for use with NONMEM 7 and will not work with NONMEM VI or NONMEM V.

The default installation directory for WFN is C:\nm7\wfn7


The default output for standard errors of OMEGA and SIGMA is to report the relative standard error as OMEGA:se% and SIGMA:se%. This is obtained by dividing the standard error by NONMEM’s estimate of the variance of OMEGA or SIGMA. An alternative output with an approximation to the relative standard error of the sqrt(variance) of OMEGA and SIGMA can be obtained by setting the environment variable nmraw to include the characters “SD” e.g.

set nmraw=SD


Version 614 includes some minor bug fixes for use with NONMEM VI.


11 September 2007 Version 613/411

Bug fix for nmctl when used with 'i' option which failed to find SIGMA output

NMQ4WFN version 6.2.1 is compatible with NMQual 6.2.1


22 July 2007 Version 613/411

Bug fix for nmctl when used with 'i' option which failed to find SIGMA output

Compiler bug/feature workaround has been added. The bug/feature did not add .exe extension to the NONMEM executable file when there was a period character in the runname.

Documentation for nmbs revised to make it clear that IGNORE=@ cannot be used in control streams being run with nmbs.


16 July 2007 Version 612/410

wfntestver describes a utility for testing the performance of different installation versions of NONMEM.

NMQ4WFN version 6.2.0 is now compatible with NMQual 6.2.0


22 March 2007 Version 612/410

Bug fix for nmctl with more than 24 OMEGA parameters.

nmobj5.awk was missing from WFN611. It is now included for compatibility with NONMEM V.


11 February 2007 Version 611/409

Documentation added for use of NMQual 6 with WFN in wfnnmqual.htm

Documentation added for use of Xpose with WFN in wfnxpose.htm (thanks to Malin Rhodin for help with this)

Bug fix for nmbs when dropped data items contained the character 'C'.

[wfn.bat may need to be reinstalled - see Upgrading]. There are some changes to wfn.bat (WFN601 and WFN409) needed to support use of NMQual . If you want to use these features then you will need to recreate your wfn.bat based on the new wfn.txt file in %wfnhome%\bin.


30 November 2006 Version 600

This version is designed to work with NONMEM VI. A few minor changes have been made to cope with modifications to the NONMEM VI output listing.

Note that this version has been modified for use with NONMEM VI and will not work with NONMEM V.

The default installation directory for WFN is c:\nmvi\wfn6.

The code used by wfn.bat to convert long paths to 8 character format has been disabled. This code caused problems on some versions of Windows. It was there primarily to avoid some warnings when keeping NONMEM up to date with mknm.bat. mknm.bat is no longer included in this version because NMQual does a better job at creating a qualified NONMEM installation (although it does not currently support selective compilation when only some source files have changed which mknm.bat could do).


7 April 2006 Version 409

It is a common problem when running bootstraps that some runs fail with a variety of termination messages. The nmbssxs command can be used to count and summarize the success and failure of runs following the use of nmbs. Run nmbssxs  in a directory containing one or more *.bs folders created by nmbs to obtain a summary of the results. A similar command nmrtsxs provides the same kind of information after using the nmrt command.

Improvements to documentation and commands for installing multiple NONMEM compilation versions.

nmone enhanced to find ID column and format numeric output as 'general'.

nmfe5 workalike command added. This is called similarly to the standard NONMEM nmfe5.bat but uses WFN to run NONMEM. If it placed in a directory on the system path e.g. C:\Windows then it can be used by programs such as NextLevelSolutions bootstrap.

Bug fix for converting long file name paths to 8 char paths.

Support for nmqual added. NMQual should be used by all NONMEM users to ensure their source code is up to date.

Note that there are two things to consider when you use NMQual:
1. NMQual patches the source code to get a consistent patch level and compiles a new installation of NONMEM
You can run the NMqual installation without using the special NMqual front end that checks the integrity of the installation every time you run it. Just use WFN and set NMHOME to the NMQual target directory e.g.

The df and ivf compilers create .obj files and you can use the NMQual generated output with WFN nmgo in the usual way.

The g77 compiler produces .o files so you need to change your NMQual config*.xml file as follows so that .obj files are produced:


Change from:

<instruction id='compile'>g77 -c -O *.for</instruction>

<instruction id='compile'>cmd /c "g77 -c -O *.for &amp;&amp; ren *.o *.obj"</instruction>
Change from:

<instruction id='library'>ar -r nonmem.lib *.o</instruction>

<instruction id='library'>ar -r nonmem.lib *.obj</instruction>

Change from:

<instruction id='nmtran'>g77 *.o -o nmtran.exe</instruction>

<instruction id='nmtran'>g77 *.obj -o nmtran.exe</instruction>

Change from:

<suffix id='object'>o</suffix>


<suffix id='object'>obj</suffix>

Note: Change means you must change the original line. It is not sufficient just to add new lines.


You may also want to remove this line because it doesn't do anything useful as far as I can tell and will stop NMQUAL working if this variable is not defined in your environment.


<!--test class='environment' variable='CPU'/-->


2. NMQual runs NONMEM and checks that the object code has not been changed since the installation.
I have tested NMQual with WFN and updated WFN to be able to work with it. It requires you to use WFN version 409 or later and make a change to an updated (see below) wfn.bat to allow it to run the NMQual version of NONMEM. I have tested NMQual with df, g77 and ivf compilers.

In wfn.bat you need to specify the name of your nmqual target in wfn.bat. I suggest after 'set F77VER' you should insert 'set NMQUALVER' with the name of your nmqual target e.g.
set F77VER=df
set NMQUALVER=nmvqdf

The nmqual target is the name of the target directory created after you run nmqual. If the target is 
c:\nmvqdf then the NMQual version needed by wfn.bat is nmvqdf. Note that the target directory is NOT the directory used to install the nmqual files. It is created by NMqual when you run the nmqual.p perl script.

Support for Intel Visual Fortran (ivf) revised. Tested with Intel Visual Fortran Version 9.1

Support for GNU Gfortran added

[wfn.bat may need to be reinstalled - see Upgrading]. There are some changes to wfn.bat needed to support use of NMQual and the Intel and Gfortran compilers. If you want to use these features then you will need to recreate your wfn.bat based on the new wfn.txt file in %wfnhome%\bin.


23 November 2004 Version 408

Further work done on the documentation for the cts system.

Bug fix for cts.bat which was not working with the mksas option.

cts temporary files cleaned up.

nmbs keeps a log file if NM-TRAN finds an error which helps debugging.

nmbs bug when $INPUT line became greater than 80 char long has been fixed.

Bug with %nmctl% if not 4 chars long has been fixed (affected name of $TABLE file output)

Bug fixed in nm2wfn.bat used to convert standard NONMEM compilation versions to WFN named compilation versions.

ncabs now works and is more fully documented. A new command, ncasim, works like nmgosim but instead of doing a NONMEM analysis on the simulated data the analysis step uses nca.awk to do a non-compartmental analysis (AUC, cmax, tmax). nca.awk  can be modified to perform any kind of analysis on the simulated data sets created by a NM-TRAN simulation control stream. The nature of the analysis will depend on how the user modifies nca.awk.


16 June 2004 Version 407

nmeigen displays the condition number and the extreme eigenvalues. This requires that $COV has the PRINT=E option and that the covariance step completes. A condition number over 1000 is a sign of overparameterization.

The cts procedures ctssplit.awk and mkctl.awk made more flexible.

Long file names in the NMHOME path will cause problems for WFN. A revised wfn.txt is provided that will automatically convert long file names used for WFNHOME, NMHOME and F77HOME variables into the 8 character short format. This will not work with Windows 98/ME but should work with Windows XP, Windows200*. If you want to take advantage of this feature you will need to replace your existing wfn.bat by saving wfn.txt as wfn.bat (see Upgrading). You will need to transfer all changes you have made to your original wfn.bat to the new version.


17 May 2004 Version 406

$THETA, $OMEGA, $SIGMA not recognized if $ was not first char of record. ntcs.awk has been fixed.

DIMTOK increased in LSIZES for s7t, 57t compilation versions

nmcg now refreshes the data descriptor file (*.dsc) if nmcg has been run previously

nmctl has an optional second argument ("i") which will use INTER.txt instead of the run listing file as the source to update parameter values.

Further work done on the documentation for the cts system.


25 November 2003 Version 405

nmgosim command provides a work around for NONMEM unreliable simulation and estimation steps in single problem.

Improved installation tools (wfninst

  and wfnsetup) and documentation for named NONMEM compilation versions.

New version of gawk (3.1.2)

Users may specify the NMIGNORE character to match the value specified in the IGNORE option of the $DATA NM-TRAN record. This value is used by nmbs and nmrt commands. The value is set in wfn.bat. The default value is #.

wfn.txt bug fixed to support ms compiler

Missing web files for index page added.

wfnlink.awk changed to support French version of output from DOS echo command

Extended control stream recognizes parameter names embedded in logical expressions e.g. IF (CL.LE.0) becomes IF (THETA(1).LE.0)

Parameter names followed immediately by "(" or "{" or "[" or ";" are now recognized e.g. all of the following will find "POPE0" as the parameter name.

$THETA (0,150 ) ;POPE0(1)
$THETA (0,150 ) ;POPE0{1}
$THETA (0,150 ) ;POPE0[1]
$THETA (0,150 ) ;POPE0;1

"F" is ignored if it used as a parameter name.

Bug fix in ntcs.awk to prevent name conflict problem if data item and parameter names are the same.

Case sensitivity of file names preserved if more than one TABLE file is requested.

Bug fix for nmfesf.bat for Win9x versions.

nmllp changed to recognize wider variety of parameter name syntax.


10 June 2003 Version 404

wc modified for the free Open Watcom F77/32 compiler ( This may cause older (obsolete) Watcom versions not to work.

Bug fix for nmmbt and nmobj to handle multiple problems in the same run and remove spurious nmmbt output in SE columns. Note that SE output is only included after setting the nmmbtse environment variable e.g. set nmmbtse=y before running nmmbt.

More than one nmbs and nmrt can be started in the same directory at the same time as long as the runnames are different.


8 May 2003 Version 403

%wfnhome%\run directory and files now restored to WFN distribution file.


2 May 2003 Version 402

Log likelihood profiles can be created with the assistance of nmllp.

nmbs now allows comma separated values in $INPUT list of data items.

Bug fix for column headings in *.smy files. Heading was being omitted if last item in control stream comment was numeric.

Standard errors no longer included in nmmbt output in order to make tables clearer. Standard errors can be included by setting the nmmbtse environment variable e.g. set nmmbtse=y before running nmmbt.

nmobj modified to let negative objective function values be sorted so that lowest OBJ appears first.

Minor changes to remove case sensitivity of options in $DATA record and to allow more flexibility in formatting of $THETA records.

Various attempts to improve the web based documentation.


11 Jan 2003 Version 401

wfn.txt changed so that wfn.bat will set nmobj correctly if it is not specified on the command line used to start wfn.bat.

Bug in nmlink.awk fixed affecting users with NONMEM default locations for compiled files.


23 Dec 2002 Version 400

[wfn.bat should be installed - see Upgrading].
The name of these files (wfn.txt and wfn.bat) has changed from WFN Version 3xx to Version 4xx. If you upgrade to Version 4xxx your wfnauto.bat should still work. However, to take advantage of the new multiple compiler and NONMEM compilation version support it is recommended that you make a new wfn.bat from wfn.txt and use wfn.bat instead of wfnauto.bat. Don't forget to change any shortcuts you may have created to start WFN. You will need to change wfnauto.bat to wfn.bat.

wfn command line arguments are now position independent e.g. wfn df std or wfn std df or wfn df  or wfn std. If compiler or version argument is missing then previous option is used. Default options are set in wfn.bat.

Source and binary directory structure revised.

GeoCities web site no longer supported.

nmac no longer fills up all disk space if there is a syntax error in the NM-TRAN autocovariate code.

Bug in nmobj.awk fixed which prevented output from multiple problems in the same control stream appearing in the *.smy file

wfn.bat unsets nmnice if OS is Win9x.

Support for Intel Fortran 7.0 compiler added (compiler code is ivf).

The nmraw option shows the raw OMEGA and SIGMA values in the *.smr file as well as the *.smy file and the nmbs *.txt file. Non-zero off-diagonal elements of OMEGA are reported unchanged when the nmraw option is used. The default when nmraw is not set it to report the correlation of the corresponding diagonal elements of OMEGA.


14 July 2002 Version 304

nmosort.awk was omitted from Version 303 (sorry). Now included so that nmobj and related commands will work. Support for NM-TRAN library included (just in case you want to spend time figuring out if it has any use...).

Objective function formatting changed so that all digits reported by NONMEM are retained when the value is large.

Bug with identical objective function values fixed when using nmobj.

nmctl now recognizes BLOCK size when there are blank characters after "BLOCK" and before "(".
nmbs and nmrt allow more flexibility in control stream record format ($DATA can now follow $INPUT, EVID no longer confused with ID)

26 June 2002 Version 303

Formatting of nmobj output improved (esp. OBJ now sorted in numerical not alphabetic order).
If you use the ln() transform both sides method you may wish to untransform the DV, PRED and IPRED (Y) values in the NONMEM table file. This can be done using nmuntbs e.g. if the run name is lntheopd:

nmuntbs lntheopd

Note that the RES and WRES values are not untransformed. The original table file will be renamed with the extension ".ln".
Users of WinXP/2K/NT can run NONMEM with low priority by setting the DOS environment variable nmnice e.g.
set nmnice=y
If you want to use this as the default then add set nmnice=y to your wfnauto.bat. . All WFN commands that invoke NONMEM e.g. nmgo, nmbs, nmac, nmrt, will run at low priority. Note that ctrl-C is disabled when low priority jobs are running . You must use ctrl-Break to stop NONMEM execution.
The default presentation of OMEGA estimates as their square root and standard error estimates as a % can be changed  by setting the DOS environment variable nmraw e.g.
set nmraw=y
When nmraw is set the OMEGA and standard error estimates will be presented in the original scale as they are displayed in the NONMEM output listiing.
Workaround to allow g77 compiler to send NONMEM intermediate output to the console screen (see g77inst.htm ). Requires modifying nm\BEGIN.for.
Format of $INPUT specifying ID (nmbs and nmrt) and for permuted covariate (nmrt) data item made more flexible. They no longer are required to be on the same line as $INPUT.
Timing information for NONMEM runs made less dependent on regional language options.
If covariance step runs successfully the number of sig digits in the estimated parameters will be pre-pended with "+" e.g. sig=+3.3
22 Mar 2002 Version 302
User specified forward and backward delta OBJ criteria added to wfnac (see wfnac.htm for details).
Bug in nmac example file theoe0m5.ctl fixed.
WFN version information included in WFN log file.
Default value for NMLOG supplied by nmargs.bat
23 Jan 2002 Version 301
NMLOG option added to allow user selected WFN log file extension (see wfninst.htm for details).
nmrt bug fixed so that it now uses permuted values of randomized covariate rather than randomization with replacement.
Distributed version of gawk is now gawk31 (was 3.04). Check installed version with '%nmawk% --version' at DOS prompt.
Bug fix for nmctl for argument list in generated PRIOR.for and  number of prior df for OMEGA.
Bug fix in several files e.g. nmbs,  to use %nmout%, %nmctl%, %nmtbl% instead of .lst, .ctl, .fit.
Bug fix for nmbs, nmctl (did not use NMCTL and NMOUT).
Bug fix for nmmbt to handle irregular OMEGA block format in NONMEM output listing.
Bug fix for nmsmyhdr.awk to recognize parameter names when no space between parameter value and ";".
Bug fix for nmctl with BCV option (FIX added to prior OMEGA; value predicted from BCV now squared).
Extended control stream format for $OMEGA BLOCK() SAME parameters made more flexible (see wfncs.htm )
23 July 2001 Version 300
Support for multiple NONMEM versions and use of GNU make for NONMEM installation and maintenance.
Project created on SourceForge to improve user support.
The wfn Project can be used to discuss WFN features, report bugs, download files.
Feature/bug fix in nmsmyhdr.awk to append headings for standard error so that these appear in *.smy and nmmbt output.
Bug fix in wfnauto.txt (set NMAWK=gawk (not gawk31)). This change must be made in wnfauto.bat if this was created with Version 223 wfnauto.txt .
Bug fix in nmobj.awk for multiple problem output in *.smy.
The g77 support and randomization test files were unfortunately omitted from the Version 222 and 223 releases. They are now included.

20 June 2001 Version 223
Changes made to wfnauto.txt to simplify installation. Please see wfninst.htm for details.
[wfnauto.bat must be re-installed to use g77 - see Upgrading].
8 May 2001 Version 222    Support for randomization of treatment assignment in data files (see rtmethod.htm for background). The command nmrt is similar to nmbs (see wfnrt.htm ).
Support for GNU g77 compiler added (see g77inst.htm ). [wfnauto.bat must be re-installed to use g77 - see Upgrading]
Bug fix for ntcs so that it recognizes OMEGA names on the LHS of an expression.
Bug fix for nmbs so that it works with comma separated data files.
The Minimization field in *.smy file records has been truncated so that ETABAR information is no longer included.
27 Feb 2001    Version 221

Work around for nmbs so that it works with Windows 2000. There seems to be a bug affecting piping standard output to gawk. Installation instruction now updated to include Windows 2000.
16 Jan 2001    Version 220

Bug fix for nmctl Bayesian option to allow for BLOCK on OMEGA. Naming conventions for random effects parameter names modified to distinguish random effects from their variance parameters e.g. CVE0 changed to ETAE0. This only affects the documentation of examples. It does not affect the way that WFN works on existing control streams.
3 Jan 2001    Version 219

Behaviour of nmctl changed when creating Bayesian prior control stream. The new control stream is named runname.ctp instead of overwriting the original runname.ctl file. Bugs affecting nmpe removed.
1 Dec 2000    Version 218

More bugs affecting nmac and nmcg removed.
15 Nov 2000    Version 217

Bugs introduced in Version 209 affecting nmac removed.
14 Nov 2000    Version 216

Enhanced Crossgraphs support (see wfncg.htm ). Model building table generated from *.smy files ( nmmbt).
7 Nov 2000    Version 215

Crossgraph dsn files no longer overwrite existing files in run directory.
22 Oct 2000    Version 214

User registration added to download page. Crossgraphs dsn files copied to run directory (see wfncg.htm ).
12 Oct 2000    Version 213

Minor bug fix for ntcs translation of control stream.
1 Sept 2000    Version 212

Missing nmpesmy.awk file included, nmobj now handles multiple problems in single NONMEM output listing.
16 Aug 2000    Version 211

Bug fixes for nmobj and nmpe.
7 Aug 2000    Version 210

Bug fixes for nmover. Addition of new procedures for computing prediction error ( nmpe).
29 Jun 2000   Version 209

Bug fix for nmobj and nmlst introduced in Version 208. Note that smy file format has changed so that all parameter values are stored in a single record. This new format is especially helpful when using NONMEM for simulation with multiple sub-problems. The old smy format is still available at the start of the smr file. The int.txt  and RIDO tbl file are no longer created in results directory because these files had little use.
26 Jun 2000   Version 208

nmobj.awk and nmsmyhdr.awk have had a variety of minor bugs fixed. These will help fix some of the problems of extracting parameter values from NONMEM output listings especially with BLOCKs and multiple simulation sub-problems and when using nmbs.
8 Jun 2000   Version 207

nmctl now works with more flexible formatting of $THETA, $OMEGA, $SIGMA records.
Note that nmctl still assumes that you have only parameter per line but no longer requires $THETA, $OMEGA, $SIGMA before each parameter.
6 Jun 2000   Version 206

nmctl bug fix for BLOCK SAME
Improvements to wfnsetup and wfnpatch batch files for installing NONMEM.
Bug fix for nmmsf so that it uses standard control stream.
nmbs made more efficient so that it only creates NONMEM executable once per call to nmbs.
24 May 2000   Version 205

Minor formatting fix in nmobj. Minor change in wfnauto.bat making interpretation of arguments more robust.
CrossGraphs design files provided for graphs of individual fits, predictions vs DV and residual plots.
11 May 2000   Version 204

Improvements to nmctl for making Bayesian prior control streams
25 Apr 2000   Version 203

Improvements to wfnsetup and wfnpatch batch files for installing NONMEM.
12 Apr 2000   Version 202

Fix for odd NONMEM output list formatting affecting results summary.
nmlst table output formatted better for reading into Excel.
20 Mar 2000   Version 201

Download file name includes version.
14 Mar 2000  

Bug that erased any options after MSFO and FILE options in control stream has been fixed.
Single record run summary used by nmbs now includes warning and error information produced by NONMEM after minimization is complete (min) and a message about the covariance step results.
5 Mar 2000

Information on upgrading and re-installation of wfnauto.bat added to this page.
3 Mar 2000

Bugs in Autocovariate program  fixed. Now works with gawk.
nmobj and nmlst now work even if user has changed dircmd environment variable.
nmctl has option that will create control stream suitable for use with PRIOR and Bayesian estimation.
Run summary table format changed to show standard errors expressed a % of parameter estimate.
ETASD:se and ERRSD:se changed to OMEGA:se% and SIGMA:se%
These items are no longer computed using sqrt(OMEGA:se) and sqrt(SIGMA:se)
15 Jan 2000

Support for user defined extensions for NONMEM output listing and table files.
[wfnauto.bat must be re-installed - see Upgrading]
Location of nmbs output and nmbs sub-directory name changed.
14 Jan 2000

Bug fix for nmbs when wfnhome is different from nmhome.
Verbatim code in control streams is now completely ignored.
6 Jan 2000

Watcom support for user defined subroutines (e.g. prior.for) fixed.  


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